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Ceramic Coating Services

Ceramic Paint Coating Options

Offering our 4-year, 3-year, 2-year, and one-year ceramic coatings.

Price by quote or in-person consultation


  • Experience all the benefits of professional-grade ceramic coatings

  • Ease of cleaning, UV protection, chemical resistance, scratch resistance, and amazing shine and gloss to paint.

  • Thorough, multi-step wash, and decontamination process

  • Enhancement polish to restore clarity, gloss, and shine to paint.

  • Prep solvent wipe down

  • Professional-grade ceramic coatings applied to paint and trim

Gloss Enhancement and Ceramic Package

Perfect for clients who want a little more gloss and clarity in their paint along with some ceramic protection. Includes one-step enhancement polishing and our entry-level 1-year ceramic coating.

Price by quote or in-person consultation


  • Our most budget-friendly ceramic package

  • Experience all the benefits of a ceramic coating

  • Thorough, multi-step wash, and decontamination process

  • Enhancement polish to restore clarity, gloss, and shine to paint.

  • Prep solvent wipe down

  • Entry-level ceramic coating applied to paint, trim, and wheels

"The OR Special" Ceramic Package

This package is for those who want the ABSOLUTE BEST for their investment. This is a complete interior and exterior coating package that includes our top-shelf ceramic coatings for all surfaces.

Price by quote or in-person consultation


  • For those wanting the best for their vehicle

  • Thorough, multi-step wash, and decontamination process

  • Desired paint correction polishing to remove paint defects 

  • Deep wheel decontamination 

  • Prep solvent wipe down

  • IGL Kenzo 4- Year Ceramic coating installed

  • Dedicated wheel coating

  • Dedicated window coating

Full Interior Protection

This package is for those who want the ABSOLUTE BEST for their interior. This is a complete interior coating package.


  • Carpet protection, stain, and liquid repellent 

  • Dedicated leather coating

  • Dedicated plastic trim coating

  • Vinyl, cloth, upholstery, you name it we can protect it

  • UV protection

  • Prevent permanent staining

  • Extreme ease of maintenance

Wheel Coatings

High temperature resistant ceramic coatings made specifically for wheels. Provides great protection and added gloss and shine.


  • Protection from brake dust

  • Protection from staining and pitting of wheels

  • UV protection

  • Very easy to clean and maintain

  • Can be applied to wheel faces

  • Wheels off ceramic coating offered as well

Glass Coatings

Our dedicated glass/window coating lasting up to two years. This super durable ceramic coating for the glass makes glass stay cleaner longer and repel water.


  • Extremely hydrophobic repels liquids

  • Increases visibility when raining

  • Reduces the need for wiper blades

  • Makes removing bugs, dirt, and grime very easy

Here's some of our recent work!

Ceramic Coating Reviews

"The ceramic coating is just awesome. Really enjoying it, plus I like that it can be topped off very easily with C2v3. The car is noticeably cleaner even after driving through bad downpours and rainstorms. Also, the bugs in front are super easy to clean, wipe right off with just my initial wash/soap step. Also, the clarity in the paint is pretty amazing as well, just looks so deep and so nice. All this goes to show how well Seth paint corrected and applied the coating. He took his time and was there for 2 solid days straight, showed up early in the morning and worked late into the evening. His work ethic is truly impressive and it really shows. I am so happy with how my car turned out and would recommend Seth and the ceramic coating to anyone who likes their cars!"

~Allen Wang

" Seth Vue does a great job! If you’re in need of any car detailing reach out to him!! The ceramic coating looks great like a mirror finish. The way the water beads off is amazing!!"

~Rick Roenicke

"Seth did a great job on my truck. Looks better than when I picked it up from the dealership. I’d recommend him anytime."

~John Raynak

"Seth did an absolutely amazing job on my mustang. Couldn't be happier with the results. It looks better than it did when I bought it new. Anyone looking to have their car looking amazing again Seth is the person to accomplish it!"

~Joel Dressler

"Just got back from picking up my Jeep, looks awesome, also the depth and the shine of the paint is awesome. The Jeep looks better than the day we picked it up at the dealership. Would recommend this service to anyone who wants their vehicle to look like new."

~Steven Sinicki 

"Seth was professional and great to deal with. He picked up my car, did a ceramic coating and returned when he was finished. If you are in the market for ceramic coating give him a look. He has great attention to detail, and this guy is an auto paint whisperer."

~Mike Michalski

"Seth did a fantastic job on my black beauty—black Vette. Car looks better than new. I would recommend Seth to everyone!!"

~Sharon Shultz

Common Ceramic Coating Questions & Answers

What are some of the benefits of a ceramic coating?
• No need to wax or seal the vehicle for the life of the coating. Ceramic coatings create a barrier that is significantly harder, more chemical resistant, and longer lasting than any wax or sealant. Adding any products “on top” of a coating other than maintenance products sold by the coating manufacturer can impede a coatings protective abilities.
• Reduce the amount of cleaning needed, makes cleaning the vehicle easier. Dirt releases easier, faster, and the resulting effect is much less time and effort needed to make your vehicle look like it has been freshly detailed.
• Marring resistance. While NOTHING is “scratch proof” some professional grade coatings do make the surface harder than original clear coat, thus greatly reducing the amount of swirl marks accumulated over time vs. a non-ceramic coated vehicle with proper washing and drying techniques.
• Excellent gloss and aesthetic appeal. Clients have told us that even years after having their vehicle ceramic coated, they still get compliments about the car having a “just detailed look” after a simple wash.
• UV and chemical protection. Ceramic coatings provide protection against harmful UV rays and chemicals far beyond any wax or sealant. Most professional grade coatings are very chemical resistant and can only be damaged or removed by extremely high or low PH products.

What are some of the downsides of a ceramic coating?
• Up front cost. While a coating may provide many benefits, the upfront cost is prohibitive to some. However, when calculating a prospective clients time, energy, product expense, or the cost of having a detailer wax or seal a vehicle 4-6x per year, the cost of a ceramic coating can be significantly less over the life of a vehicle.
• Ceramic Coatings, like any other surface on a car, are susceptible to water spotting from hard minerals from many water sources. Only washing the vehicle in the shade, early mornings, or late in the evenings in hot climates helps. Using good quality microfiber towels, a leaf blower or air compressor to help dry the vehicle quickly can help as well. Water spotting can be removed safely from most coatings but are not covered under any known coating warranty or guarantee as they are preventable.
• Ceramic coatings can still be scratched and chipped. While some coatings do provide a measurable degree of hardness vs. factory clear coat, no coating is scratch or chip proof. This is a common misconception that is regularly spread by many dealerships and even some detailers looking to make a quick sale.

How do I take care of a ceramic coating after it is applied?
This simplest answer to this question is to wash it, then dry it completely, and take it to your detailer as needed for decontamination or maintenance. Maintenance from a detailer may consist of high PH washing to deep clean the coating, chemical decontamination with iron removal chemicals, clay bar treatment, maintenance products meant to reinvigorate or increase slickness, or even spot polishing and recoating of small sections in case of damage. Ask your detailer if he or she provides maintenance services prior to having them apply a coating for you.

What if I get into a car accident? Will insurance cover the cost of having the coating re-applied?
In our years of experience dealing with these situations, we have found that with full coverage insurance the cost of coating re-application is covered under most policies. Make sure to inform your detailer as soon as possible after an accident occur so he or she can provide an estimate for re-coating the damaged sections of the vehicle so that you can submit the information to your insurance company.

What does the guarantee or warranty from the coating company cover?
Most ceramic coating company guarantees or warranties cover the re-application of the product if there is a premature failure. It is best to get the details of what is needed to maintain your warranty from your detailer prior to the coating application, as most companies’ warranties vary slightly.

My car is brand new. Will I still need to have the paint clayed and polished prior to the coating application?
Yes. Any quality detailer will see these steps as the foundation necessary for a quality ceramic coating application. Any detailer or dealership that does not follow these steps prior to applying a ceramic coating is likely improperly applying the coating. Even for a brand-new vehicle “off the truck” thorough wash, clay bar treatment, and light polishing are the absolute minimum before coating application. Often times much more polishing and compounding is needed even on a brand-new vehicle to make sure the surface is as flawless as possible before the ceramic coating is applied.

There is a huge variance in pricing from one detailer to the next, or even from the dealership on the cost of a ceramic coating. What gives?
Many factors affect the pricing of a ceramic coating, including but not limited to:
• The experience, knowledge, and skills of the detailer applying the coating.
• The type of coating being applied, all products are different.
• The level of preparation needed prior to applying the coating. Some dealerships or detailers will skip steps altogether in order to offer a lower price.
• The size, color, and manufacturer of the vehicle can also affect pricing. Some vehicles have much softer clear coats that are harder to prepare for coating applications than others.

What about having a clear bra or paint protection film added to the vehicle, should I have this applied before or after the ceramic coating, and does the ceramic coating work on it?
We recommend having any paint protection film products applied to your vehicle prior to having the ceramic coating applied. This way you have the protective properties of the film, with the added hydrophobic, self-cleaning, and UV protectant abilities of the ceramic coating. Most ceramic coatings can be applied to paint protection film, but ask the detailer applying your ceramic coating prior to your appointment about any questions you may have about film.

At The Detail Doc, we pride ourselves on transparency, openness, and education. At any time should you have questions prior to, or after ceramic coating application, we would love to hear from you. You can contact us:

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