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The Detail Doc. Ceramic Coatings, Best Ceramic Coatings near Bay City, MI. Saginaw, MI. Midland, MI. Car Detailing near Bay City, MI. Auto Detailing near Bay City, MI.

Ceramic Coatings

Professional-grade ceramic protection for your vehicle. Long term protection lasting years. Shine, gloss, ease of cleaning, protection, throw the wax away.

Paint Protection Film (PPF) Clear Bra

Protection from rock chips and abrasion. 10 year guarantee, preserve paint underneath.

Car detailing near me. Auto detailing near me. Wash and wax near me.

Auto Detailing

Meticulous car detailing to maintain and preserve your vehicle. Not your average detail, not your average detailer. More time spent, better quality, better results. Not the average car wash.

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Bay County, MI Ceramic Coating, Paint Protection Film (PPF), and Auto Detailing Specialists

Just like a doctor touches the lives of their patients, we strive to touch the lives of our community through detail. The Detail Doc is a quality, integrity, and relationship-driven business that specializes in ceramic coatings, paint correction, and car detailing. At The Detail Doc, we strive to build relationships with every one of our clients. Founded on values beyond delivering a clean car, we believe that connection with our community is just as important. We gladly serve Bay County, Saginaw County, Midland County, and much more of Mid Michigan with our expert services.

We Provide An Unparalleled Experience

Our clients leave knowing they are supporting a mission far greater than a shiny car. The experience we provide with our service is second to none and our clients compliment us regularly, "I am so happy I found you!"

The Detail Doc is your certified ceramic coating installer and paint correction specialist, professionally trained, and fully insured. We provide an experience unmatched by anyone else.  We proudly serve the Great Lakes Bay Region including Bay City, Midland, Auburn, Saginaw, and Freeland with our car detailing services.

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Client Testimonials


Kerry Loessel

"I can honestly say I have never been so happy with a service. From the start, Seth was amazing to work with. I found him through Facebook and loved his story. Someone who has a dream and is working hard to get there. I could tell he took pride in his work and knew I was making the right choice choosing him. I got the 9 year ceramic coating and also did my rims and glass. I bought this car brand new in May and it looks better than the day I picked it up from the dealership. Thank you Detail Doc for the awesome experience and for making my dream car look AMAZING!!!!"


Lyssa Mayhew

"Seth did an absolutely amazing job on my 2017 Cadillac CTS - he literally transformed the car inside and out. He performed a 2 step paint correction and finished it off with a 4 year IGL Kenzo ceramic coating. He also coated the wheels and glass! My car is extremely glossy and free of swirl marks and scratches because of Seth. Not only is Seth extremely knowledgeable in the industry, but he has awesome attention to detail! His customer service is outstanding and his work speaks for itself, here's a few pics. The services Seth offers are worth EVERY PENNY. He is the best of the best and I will continue to give him my business for years to come and you should too!"


Rick Roenicke

'Seth does an incredible job of detailing my vehicles. I have used Seth and his company for a couple years now and multiple vehicles and he always does an excellent job!! I’ve had interior cleaning, paint correction and ceramic coating done on three of my vehicles and every time the final result has been amazing!! Would highly recommend Seth and his company for any of your detailing needs!! Definitely a five star company!!'