What Is an Interior Coating?

Updated: Jan 10

Some people are surprised when we ask them, “Would you like to coat your interior too?” This is why this article exists. At The Detail Doc we can ceramic coat leather, plastics, vinyl, fabric, rubber, and even carpets on the interior of your vehicle. But why?

Here’s why. When it comes to maintaining your interior it all comes down to protection. Protection makes cleaning and maintaining these interior surfaces much easier since dirt, dust, liquids struggle to stick to the coated surface. Leather and plastics need regular conditioning because of you guessed it... the almighty sun. We’ve seen countless vehicles damaged by harsh UV rays, interiors destroyed, and not to mention exteriors but that’s a whole other topic. UV is responsible for damaging anything that has long term exposure to it, you wouldn’t sit outside in the sun for days on end because it would burn your skin and you’d ultimately get skin cancer. Interiors that aren’t protected can be looked at the same way.

You can use standard over-the-counter conditioner products on your interior but you’ll need to apply them a minimum of every three months. Even when you’re pushing their boundaries. They’ll get the job done but are by no means long term protection or the best. This is the main difference between coatings and standard OTC conditioner products. The coatings provide the best and most long term protection you can rely on. They last years, not a couple of months, and their durability are far superior to any conditioner or dressing.

Ok, they last longer and are much better... The biggest benefit though is the extreme ease of cleaning just like with an exterior coating. They repel dirt, dust, and liquids making them stay cleaner longer and when you go to clean a coated surface it’s super easy. The best way to describe it is like a non-stick frying pan, not a lot likes to stick to it and when you go to clean it, most of it comes off very easily requiring much less time and effort. 

For more information on interior coatings or how you can have them applied to your interior please feel free to reach out to us at The Detail Doc on any of our platforms. Call, text, Facebook, email, and even the quote request and let us know you’d be interested in interior coatings.

Thanks for reading,

Seth Vue

The Detail Doc, Ceramic Coating and Paint Correction Specialist for Bay City, Saginaw, and Midland, MI.


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