How Do I Choose The Right Detailer?

With endless detailers and detailing businesses to choose from today many people are stuck trying to pick the right detailer for them. Pricing can be as low as $50 all the way past $500 for a quote on quote, “Full Detail.” Not only can price be the biggest difference there are a few other key factors you should take into consideration when picking a detailer. The Detail Doc is writing this article to help guide you in making the right decision that gets you the results you want and makes sense for your wallet. There are three major factors to consider when picking a business for a detail service.

1.) Do they even take their business seriously?

The first factor you should absolutely look into is if the detailer takes their business seriously. You can easily find out the answer to this question with a few simple questions. Do they have a legitimate business? They’re definitely going to need all the required licensing and carry insurance. Insurance is a must if you want to make sure your vehicle is protected in case of an accident. Why risk using someone uninsured. You can also ask about their training and certifications. What kind of training do they have? Any certifications? Detailing seems easy but there are many simple mistakes that can be made that lead to damage on your vehicle.

2.) Are they actually paying attention to your needs and wants?

The key to any service based product is making sure that it meets your wants and needs. Does the detailer you’re working with truly care about solving your problem and paying attention to what you need and want? There’s an easy way to find out if they are paying attention to your needs and wants and that’s with how they quote their jobs. Are they just throwing out a price from the get go and putting you into a, “One size fits all,” detail or are they asking you questions to determine your desired results for the service. With out a doubt, a good business owner will always seek to meet client expectations and the only way for them to find out is by asking you questions. You should be paying very close attention to the first interaction you have and determine if they are even listing to your wants and needs. This process of finding out your wants and needs are extremely crucial to any type of service based industry.

3.) Experience

The third key factor you should be looking for in a detailer is their experience. Simpler jobs don’t require lots of skill or intelligence but the bigger higher end jobs certainly do. Take a thorough look at their reviews to find out their basic customer service skills. If you’re looking for higher end service such as restoration or ceramic protection then ask for referrals and resume material. It’s imperative that your research the company you are looking to do business with. Your vehicle is probably your second or third biggest investment so you absolutely need to make sure you’re trusting the right detailer with it.

Next time you’re looking for a detailer to trust your vehicle with make sure to consider these three key factors:

1.) Do they take their business seriously?

2.) Are they paying attention to your wants and needs.

3.) What experience do they have?

A final note that I’d like to add is about the relationship. Be sure that your detailer wants you to come back. Not only does that mean they’re going to be sticking around but that they’re always treating you right and actually care about you as a person. At The Detail Doc it’s our vision to touch lives through detail and that’s possible though building relationships with you as a person and not as a dollar sign. Our goal is to provide you the best service and experience possible. If you ever have any questions about choosing a detailer please feel free to ask. We aren’t always the best fit for everyone but we have a vast connection to other detailers and will gladly guide you.

Thanks for reading,

Seth Vue

The Detail Doc, Ceramic Coating and Paint Correction Specialist for Bay City, Saginaw, and Midland, MI.


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