BMW 750LI - 5 Year Gtechniq Ceramic Coating Story

Updated: Jan 10

This has been one of the very first cars The Detail Doc has ever worked on. This client came to us with his 2015 BMW 750LI last year interested in having us do a thorough paint correction to the vehicle. We took care of his concerns being the swirl marks in the brilliant white paint and protected the paint with our C2V3 in last year. We chatted with this client for many months and he agreed he would be extremely interested in having his car ceramic coated when we began to offer them.

This year he came back to The Detail Doc to have our 5-year guaranteed Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light Black package installed on the immaculate paint. We performed a light decontamination, clay bar, and light polish to clean the surface before applying the coatings. It didn't stop there, we also went ahead and coated all the glass surfaces, door jambs, and the wheel faces.

Hold on, that's not all either. A few weeks later he decided to take advantage of our interior ceramic coatings. This BMW is an upgraded trim style for its model. It comes with an Alcantara headliner, gloss plastic inserts, as well as leather nearly everywhere. So, we went ahead and installed our complete interior coatings package. Trim coatings, leather coatings, carpet protection, even the headliner was protected. All to make the surfaces easier to clean, preserve their value, and keep them looking newer for longer.

After over a year of working together, over three incredible detail services this car is exactly where the client wants it. We chat regularly about how he loves how the car looks, nearly 100% defect-free, super easy to wash, and how he loved the service.

"The ceramic coating is just awesome. Really enjoying it, plus I like that it can be topped off very easily with C2v3. The car is noticeably cleaner even after driving through bad downpours and rainstorms. Also, the bugs in front are super easy to clean, wipe right off with just my initial wash/soap step. Also, the clarity in the paint is pretty amazing as well, just looks so deep and so nice. All this goes to show how well Seth paint corrected and applied the coating. He took his time and was there for 2 solid days straight, showed up early in the morning and worked late into the evening. His work ethic is truly impressive and it really shows. I am so happy with how my car turned out and would recommend Seth and the ceramic coating to anyone who likes their cars!"

~Allen Wang

Do you want an unparralleled detail experience? Do you want your vehicle to be a masterpeice?Do you want to be a part of The Detail Doc's journey?

We can make that happen!

If you would be interested in having your vehicle operated on and to experience working with the Doc, please feel free contact us.

If you would be interested in having your vehicle operated on and to experience working with the Doc, please feel free to contact us. Doc's journey?

Thanks for reading, Seth Vue

The Detail Doc, Ceramic Coating and Paint Correction Specialist for Bay City, Saginaw, and Midland, MI.


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